Get charts out of a pivot table

Easily create your chart from a pivot table, painlessly.

Getting a chart out of a pivot table is as simple as pushing a button. But you should prepare the ground before you'll actually be able to create your graph. Pivot charting isn't a very customizable feature: to tell the truth the only chance you have to modify the output (chart) is by changing the pivot table parameters and thus the pivot itself.

Let's go through some common type of charts you might need to create.

Line chart

Usually trends are candidate for being represented through a line chart. Therefore this type applies when you have one of the following

- Date series (days, months, years or other custom groups)

- Figures to compare over time (see comparing features to discover more)

You find here the design view and the correspondent chart for a sample daily series.

How to get a line chart from a pivot table

Line Chart Pivot

Pie chart

With the powerful summarizing feature, and the ability to show numbers relatively (percentage % or difference from), you should not miss the easyness of creating a pie chart out of pivot table.

The following example shows how to graph profit you've earned from each product.

Pie Chart from pivot table - Example

How to get a pie chart from a pivot table

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